I love you so much it's retarded

The coolest thing happened!
I read a music blog, youaintnopicasso.com, and I really enjoy it. They had a contest for a $50 threadless.com gift certificate and the Animals with Eyepatches shirt. And I won, with my heartwarming tale of finding a 1994 Kingston tricentennial shirt in the Salvation Army for fifty cents! Awesome possum. I'm really excited, I never win anything, and I've been needing new t-shirts. A lot of mine have bleach stains. Yeah!

Tonight I saw Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist.
I really enjoyed it, despite myself.
I just wonder how long Michael Cera will be able to go by playing himself?
Or I wonder if he's just typecast all the time?

I completely turned my room inside out, which, in its prior state, means I cleaned the fuck out of it. Yeah, I said it. I cleaned the fuck out of my room, and it was awesome.
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marry me

I'm going to do a series of angry santas over the next couple of months
I want to submit them to ellO for a holiday show
but I fear I shall become too attached to them

my friend Ben, who suggested "up your chimney", looked at these and just laughed. and then he turned to the workroom wall and leaned his forehead against it and laughed. That's exactly what I wanted it to do, and it was nice because it was such a sincere laugh. I love it when art makes people laugh, because it's refreshing in comparison to all the stuff I see from my classmates that are so ~personal~ and ~cathartic~. I know a piece of work can have a sense of humor, but it's even nicer, I think, when it actually makes the viewer giggle.
that's why I love brandon bird so much
he really influenced me this summer
i wish I could make it to california to see his solo show in August
awofrqfjo;fijq3o;gijo;qigj that would be soooo cool

saw st. vinent at the mfa
fo' free
and it was amazing amazing
mount eerie tomorrow
yes yes yes

Sunset Rubdown and life drawing

Hi guys.
It's been a while!

I'm at art school and I'm lonely.
But not always!
It's been getting better.

Tomorrow I have to figure out how to get to the Middle East in Caimbridge at 8 for a Sunset Rubdown show, when a lecture ends at 8. Butttt I believe Bear Hands is opening for them, so I'll probably just miss Bear Hands and hopefully make all of Sunset Rubdown's set.
And earlier in the day, I need to find a class at 8am that I dont know where it's happening, but I can't find out from registrar because that office opens at 9 and I need to do this and switch into it because it's my first choice with spots open (!!!!) and I dont want to do relief printing. There's a cute kid in that class. That's it, though.

Sooo excited for Sunset Rubdown.
I'm going by my onesies.
But it'll still be really enjoyable!

edit: the worst day ever turned into the best day ever!! I got into life drawing and it was awesommmeee and the teacher is like "you brought skills to the class" and I'm like "yeah :D" AND THEN I went to buy my ticket at the middle east box office and I'm like "one plz" and I notice a paper that say doors are at 9 which is awesome because that means I dont have to book it to caimbridge!

I'm not. No, I'm not.

A note to the whole internet:

Even if you put aside the issue of whether or not a recast would be disrespectful, and even if you assume he would be able to match the performance, Johnny Depp will still not ever replace Heath Ledger as the Joker. It is a dumb idea, and it is a dumb idea because it would be bad marketing. Johnny Depp is a huge name, and he would overshadow Christian Bale. And Christian Bale is, um, Batman. Johnny Depp does not have to be cast in every goddamn movie, despite what some may think. We all know how that like of thinking turned out this past Christmas. So stop that. Shoo.

Tomorrow during the day, I am going to try and track down The Killing Joke.
Unlikely, but I'm gonna try.

I'm a dinosaur, I just want to sleep

There's a man who is trying to get a job at McDonald's that nobody wants to hire, because he's already a pain in the ass as a customer. He comes in about once or twice a week, and he orders a plain two-hamburger meal, cut into quarters. He's come in from drive-thru before, so I've seen him move and use his hands, and I don't think he's handicapped. It's just really unnecessary. We're not your mum cutting the crust off your pb&j sandwich! I am, every time, tempted to just give him his hamburgers and a set of plastic cutlery. Or, they want to hire him and put him in grill to give him a taste of his own medicine (unlikely).

James Jean put up a set of files from one of his covers of Fables with all the layers intact, and I'm super psyched to get a look at the techniques he uses.

Going to see Batman on Satuday. SO EXCITED.
And I'm gonna go see Gogol Bordello in August!

dodo's conundrum

I think I am going to scratch my plan of glassblowing and take an animation course for my studio elective. what's the worst that could happen? it seems like fun. it seems like that kind of tedium might be kind of therapeutic, unless I forgot a deadline and had to animate two minutes in 24 hours (EPIC HILARITY ENSUES). I'll figure something out.

Tomorrow's my day off. Finally. I worked all from last Wednesday to Today and I am pooped! I'm so tired of idiot customers. I've only been there a year, but a short timespan doesn't make the job any less miserable. It was miserable the day I started. It'll be miserable when I quit. It's miserable for people who have been here a month, for a year, and for two years plus.

"This is Baman."
"Hi Baman, I'm Piderman."
"Hi. Wanna watch a movie?"
"Okay. My boots are all sticky."
"That's okay."

post card collages

I think this is going to become my art journal, with snips of life sometimes.
I've started making post cards out of magazines and old sketchbooks. I think it'll be a fun summer project. something to keep my hands busy without any pressure.
just something fun.
these are being sent out on monday, but if anybody wants one, they can sent me their address to its.danielle.tremblay@gmail.com. I'll make one special for you.

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I like the new Sigur Ros album.